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VGT received Polaris Delivery and Quality Awards for 2016! VGT has won these two awards every year since 2009. We are the only supplier to have won their highest award, the Supplier of Excellence Award, four consecutive years from 2010 to 2013. The Supplier of Excellence Award is given for meeting goals regarding quality, delivery, and cost reductions.



VGT became tier one OEM supplier to Johnson Controls in 2016. VGT was awarded the contract to supply OEM chiller production lines in Texas. We submitted a plan to deliver R134a in bulk to OEM production lines with a seven day lead time. Our plans included keeping safety stock of ISO tanks within one day delivery time to Johnson Controls factory. The purchasing team at Johnson Controls stated that VGT hit a home run with this project!


Polaris Supplier of Excellence Award

VGT recently accepted the Polaris Supplier of Excellence Award for 2013 which marks the fourth consecutive year that VGT has won this award. Only the top suppliers were privileged to receive this award at the Polaris Supplier Conference in St. Paul, MN. The Supplier of Excellence Award is achieved by winning the combination of Quality Achievement, The Star Program and The Delivery Performance Awards for quality, cost and delivery.


AXYS – Snowmobile Coolers

VGT was selected by Polaris Industries Inc., to produce the OEM production cooling system for the new AXYS Snowmobile. Working with Polaris Engineers and Designers, VGT advised the most efficient designs in regards to the performance, manufacturability and longevity of the components. This cutting edge performance Sled utilizes multiple coolers, each uniquely independent in their design, that cools the engine with a multitude of factors. This is one of many industry leading cooling systems for high performance machines that VGT offers today.